Before the polls close tonight…

Valarie Kaur  |November 8, 2016

Today is Election Day! Will you donate 1 hour to Get Out the Vote?

Sign up here to make calls with us today before 8PM ET.

We have made 40,000 calls together to help American Muslim families get to the polls in Florida! We can reach our goal with 2,000 more calls today if you join us.

Tonight, the most embittered and damaging election season in our lifetimes will end — and a new chapter will begin. Our choices today will determine the future of our nation.

How can we reclaim the vote as an act of love?

At this moment, American Muslim families are encountering threats of hate and voter intimidation in Florida, a state where a few thousand votes has determined elections. But we can show up with love for them — and represent the America we want to become.

Can you donate 1 HOUR today to call American Muslim families and help them get to the polls?

For the last few days, our volunteers at the Revolutionary Love Project have made 8,000 calls to American Muslim families in Florida — we give voters the address of their polling location, offer assistance to get to the polls, and show our solidarity.

Together with our partner Emerge USA, we have made 40,000 calls together! We need to make 2,000 more calls today in order to make a measurable impact on the community and the election.

Will you donate 1 HOUR before polls close tonight to get out the vote?

When you sign up, we send you training materials and offer round-the-clock support. This is a non-partisan effort — a concrete way to reclaim the vote as an act of love. You will join nearly 200 volunteers and organizational partners Middle Collegiate Church, Faith in Public Life, and Auburn Seminary.

And no matter the outcome of this election, we all will come together in healing and renewal the next day. On Wednesday, please join me and faith leaders Sister Simone Campbell, Otis Moss, Josh Dubois, Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, and more on a live hour of prayer and reflection:

A Prayer & Reflection to Heal the Nation
Wednesday Night, 7PM EST
Conference Call: (202) 478-8089
Click here to RSVP.

Our movement for Revolutionary Love is just beginning. Let us show up together with optimism — not just for ourselves but for our fellow Americans, our ancestors, and the next generation.

Valarie Kaur
Director of the Revolutionary Love Project
Founder of Groundswell Movement

P.S. Here are a few reports from our volunteers that inspire us:

I spoke to a really sweet elderly Muslim couple in Palm City this evening. I gave them the address of their polling place but they didn’t recognize that location, so I looked it up on google maps and gave them some other landmarks so they could find it. They were really appreciative! –Jessica

I actually enjoyed being a part of something as important as this which hopefully will make a difference, because in Florida, even a small difference in voter turnout can turn the entire state election and possibly that of the nation. Congratulations to your entire staff for making this opportunity for me to participate available even as far North as NYC. –Gerald

My voter, a 73 year old, sounded uncomfortable on the phone and in some physical pain, as he told me that he was not sure if he would be able to vote. Two days ago, he had knee replacement surgery, which was very painful. I know since I had the same procedure 3 years ago. He said his son might be able to take him in a wheelchair. I said I would try to help him and send him some information, which he requested I text to him. Just now I received the news that not only did the family find a wheelchair for him but that he and ten members of his family would vote today! –John

Your commitment, passion for good, and sophisticated use of technology in offering us the opportunity to reach out in this way truly inspires me. My prayers of loving kindness, from the Buddhist and all traditions, go to all voters in FL who may feel threatened or intimidated, that they know there is a revolutionary love supporting them in casting their ballots, and in their having freedom to enjoy their lives. –Helen