Free webinar: How to write & publish op-eds for justice

  |October 14, 2016

Free online training next week: How to Write and Publish Your Op-Ed for Justice


Have you been watching the debates and wishing you could do something besides post on Facebook?

We’re going to show you a way to make a difference before the election on a free webinar next week.

How to Write and Publish Your Op-Ed for Justice
October 20th, 12pm ET
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Op-eds are a core ingredient in the recipe for a successful social change communications campaign.

Study after study shows that people are bumping into political information on social media and are undeniably influenced by what they see online.

Your voice on the issues can affect whether and how your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your networks vote.

Because we know what’s at stake in our country right now. November decides who shapes the future of our criminal justice system, immigrant rights, women’s equality, addressing Islamophobia, education, ending poverty, and more.

That’s why we’re hosting this training – to help you shape the debate this election season. And we’re focusing on op-eds because they have the power to spread your unfiltered prophetic voice, rather than sound bytes or quotes from an interview.

Your trainers the Rev. Ashley Harness and Isaac Luria will help you to:

  • Feel empowered to write and pitch an op-ed this election season, understanding the value of your voice in this moment
  • Tell your personal story in a way that strategically deploys your identity for the political moment
  • Develop messaging strategy using Auburn’s signature method for leaders of faith and moral courage
  • Understand the basic op-ed formula
  • Generate your own pitch to local and national media this election season

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You’ll be in amazing hands with Ashley and Isaac.

ashley-smAshley is ordained in the United Church of Christ and is a communications strategist with a decade of experience in non-profit media work, working across the spectrum of justice issues at Auburn and Fenton Communications. She’s worked with the Center for Progressive Renewal to help progressive churches across the country grow, and helped religious leaders seeking to use social and traditional media as a pulpit through media trainings with Auburn for years.

isaacIsaac is a movement leader, faith-rooted organizer, and social impact technologist who specializes in how the stories we tell shape our lives and change the world. As the strategist behind Auburn’s digital action platform, he helped grow Auburn’s online faith-based social action network to a community of 225,000 people committed to faith-based social change. Before joining Auburn, Isaac was a founding staff person at J Street. He’s currently a Media Fellow at the New World Foundation.

Sound good?

Power to you and to us together,
Macky Alston
Auburn Seminary

PS: If you decide to write an op-ed after the training, there will be an opportunity to sign up for coaching to help you on everything from your initial framing, to editing, to pitching.