LGBT Christians are sending their wedding photos to Pat Robertson. Here’s why:

sophia  |July 19, 2013

We couldn’t believe what Pat Robertson, a prominent Christian leader, said about loving LGBT couples:

Pat Robertson anti-gay quote

But something beautiful came out of it. In response to his hateful anti-gay comments, LGBT Christians came together to “Show Pat Love.” Make sure you have a box of tissues nearby, this is a tearjerker. 

Show Pat Love is a Tumblr where same-sex couples are sharing pictures filled with love, family, and heartwarming goodness. We were so inspired by this great example of faith in action for LGBT equality, we called up the creators of the blog to learn more about Show Pat Love! Here’s our interview.

Show Pat Love

Q: What is Show Pat Love?

A: Show Pat Love is a campaign started by the Religious Institute, with a powerful message of love and celebration of same-sex couples. Last week, 700 Club host Pat Robertson responded to a viewer who asked if it was okay to ‘Like’ Facebook photos of same-sex couples, saying that Facebook needs a ‘Vomit’ button for such pictures. “You’ve got a couple of same-sex guys kissing, do you like that? Well that makes me want to throw up. To me I would punch ‘Vomit’ not ‘Like’ but they don’t give you that option on Facebook.” We thought that was absurd, and we wanted to do something positive to counter such a negative message. Show Pat Love collects photos of same-sex couples, and we will be forwarding all submissions to Pat Robertson so he can see their love and joy.


Show Pat LoveQ: Why is what Pat Robertson said a big deal anyway?

A:  Rev. Robertson used his platform to say that images of same-sex couples make him want to throw up. Rather than quietly accept this denigration of so many loving relationships, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the beauty and joy that Rev. Robertson seems unable to see. Show Pat Love is a platform to demonstrate and lift up same-sex relationships, and the submissions have been really wonderful.  What’s been a fantastic surprise are the stories that so many people have been sending in along with their photos, telling of how they met, how long they’ve been together, and other aspects of their relationships that really show why these relationships deserve to be celebrated.


Q:  What was your process – Was it hard to set up a Tumblr? How did you get so many submissions?

A: This was the first Tumblr for the Religious Institute, and setting it up was simple and straightforward. We’ve been active on Twitter and Facebook, and so we used those networks to get the word out about Show Pat Love, and people have been sharing it broadly. It hit a nerve, and gave people an opportunity to respond to a negative statement by doing something positive.

Q: How have digital tools transformed your ministry / social justice work? Would you recommend them to other faith leaders?

A: Digital tools are a vital part of our work.

They have transformed our ministry into a broad network of people of faith working together for sexual justice by giving everyone the tools to take part.

Show Pat Love is just one example of how this power can work, and Facebook and Twitter are tools we use every day.

Show Pat Love

Q: Please tell us a little about yourselves and the Religious Institute, and what’s up next for y’all.

A: For twelve years, the Religious Institute has been working to promote sexual and reproductive justice in faith communities and in society. We are working to help faith communities and religious leaders to be sexually healthy in a broad variety of ways, including working for the full inclusion of LGBT people in faith communities. (Show Pat Love includes some great photos of our President, Rev. Debra Haffner, officiating at some of the first legal same-sex marriages in New York and Connecticut.) You can learn more about our work at


Show Pat Love is wonderful example of how to use digital tools to amplify your message in an easy, meaningful, and visual way. Whether you’re a nonprofit working for LGBT equality or a church that can’t stand seeing people using Christianity to defend homophobia – a specific Tumblr campaign is a great idea for advancing your social justice work online.

Many thanks to the Religious Institute for their leadership, and for facilitating this outpouring of faith, love, and family.

Make sure to show Pat some love by submitting your photos (click here) and sharing the blog using the buttons below: 


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See why LGBT Christians are sending their wedding photos to Pat Robertson. Inspiring interview with the creators of “Show Pat Love.”


Why are LGBT Christians sending their wedding photos to Pat Robertson? Here’s the scoop on “Show Pat Love.”