“Making News/Making Waves/Making Change: Media and Activism _„î Macky Alston and Isaac Luria” The Middle Project (4/16/13)
Isaac Luria, Groundswell’s Organizing Director, and Macky Alston, Senior Director of Auburn Media at Auburn Theological Seminary, present on digital media and online organizing. (Isaac’s segment starts at 58:55)

“Organizing to bridge the religious divide” State of Belief (3/30/13)
Groundswell’s Organizing Director Isaac Luria talks about the launch of Groundswell’s launch _„_ the digital platform that empowers leaders working to _„ñbridge the religious divides, build community, pursue justice, and heal the world._„


“Sikh Outreach at the RNC” The Takeaway (8/30/12)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur speaks about how extreme rhetoric within the GOP has fostered a climate of xenophobia and fear, as well as what it means to have a Sikh-led prayer at the RNC.

“Sikh-Led Prayer and GOP Convictions” CNN (8/29/12)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur discusses the significance of a Sikh-led prayer at the RNC in light of the rise in hate groups and anti-Muslim rhetoric in the US.

“First Lady Sets an Example after Wisconsin Shooting” CNN (8/24/12)
Valarie Kaur, Groundswell Director, talks about Michelle Obama’s visit to the families of shooting victims in Oak Creek.

“President Obama, Come to Oak Creek” CNN (8/17/12)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur addresses President Obama about the Sikh community’s need for his support.

“Tragedy Returns to Oak Creek” Salon (8/17/12)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur discusses the ongoing threat of violence toward Sikhs.

“Sikhs Deserve the Dignity of Being a Statistic” Washington Post (8/16/12)
Valarie Kaur calls for the FBI to begin tracking hate crimes against Sikhs.

Interview with Director of Groundswell Valarie Kaur on CNN Newsroom with Alina Cho (8/7/12)
Valarie speaks about her documentary Divided We Fall and violence against Sikhs in America.

“Combatting Hate in the Wake of the Sikh Shooting” Odyssey Networks (8/7/12)
Founder of Groundswell Valarie Kaur explains tenants of the Sikh faith and calls for Americans to combat violence against those who _„ñlook different._„

Interview with Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur on Fox 11 News in Los Angeles (8/7/12)
Valarie speaks about violence against Sikhs in America and uniting in response to a national tragedy.

Response to Sikh Temple Shooting” Religion and Ethics News Weekly (8/10/12)
Groundswell Founder Valarie Kaur is interviewed about community efforts to rebuild in the wake of the tragedy at Oak Creek.

“From Aurora to Oak Creek: Surviving Together” The Takeaway (8/7/12)
Valarie Kaur, Director of Groundswell, is interviewed alongside a survivor of the shooting in Aurora about solidarity in response to tragedy.

“Today, We Are All American Sikhs” CNN (8/6/12)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur discusses what it means to be a Sikh American in response to the shootings in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


“The Moral Values of America’s Youth” The New York Times (9/15/11)
Groundswell Director Valarie Kaur responds to a column indicting the moral values of America’s millennials in this letter to the editor.

“Activist Seeks Multi-Faith Partnerships, Launches: ‘Groundswell'” IndiaWest (9/13/11)

IndiaWest covers “Ribbons of Hope” and the launch of Groundswell.

“9/11 Ribbons of Hope Draws Religious Leaders for Dedication Ceremony” NY1 (9/12/11)

Groundswell partnered with Prepare New York for the 9/11 Ribbons Of Hope. Read NY1’s coverage of the event.

“9/11 Remembered: Battery Park Ribbons of Hope aims for unity on anniversary of tragedy” NY Daily News (9/11/11)

Groundswell partnered with Prepare New York in the Ribbons of Hope effort covered by the New York Daily news.

Thousands send messages of post 9/11 hope” Newsday (9/8/11)

The fluttering ribbons came from near and far, their messages and prayers weaving a tapestry of emotions in lower Manhattan.

September 11 Then and Now” Apex Express (9/8/11)

This week on Apex Express, we reflect back on 9/11. As the nation remembers the victims in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and on board the airplanes, Apex explores the aftermath and how our communities have been affected.

“Love, Not Fear in Interfaith Relations” Ministry Matters (9/7/11)

We continue to live in uncertain, frightening times. But as people of faith, we are challenged to respond not from a place of fear, but a place of love.

“Groundswell, A New Multifaith Voice for Justice, to Launch on Ten-Year Anniversary”

PR Newswire (9/1/11)

PR Newswire, Press ReleaseTranscending Partisan Politics, Groundswell Taps Millennial Generation’s Desire for Direct Social Action

“Shadow Generation,” Founder Valarie Kaur’s Op-Ed in Huffington Post (9/15/10)

Nine years ago today, the murder of a family friend changed the course of my life. His name was Balbir Singh Sodhi. Four days after 9/11, he was shot in the back in front of his gas station by a man who yelled when arrested, “I’m a patriot! Arrest me and let those terrorists run wild.

“Two Yale Students Start a Web Campaign to Halt Anti-Muslim Rhetoric” New Haven Advocate (9/14/10)

Together Kaur and Matera realized that rational, accepting, inclusive voices were being drowned out by the extensive media attention paid to loud-mouth extremists on both sides of the issue. They crafted the pledge and website, with lots of help from volunteers, in time for the ninth anniversary of Sept. 11.

“Students’ new campaign fights Islamophobia” New Haven Register (9/13/10)

Missing from the debate, however, are the voices of people interested in dialogue, particularly young people, whom Kaur is encouraging to come out from the shadows and honor the memory of those killed on 9/11, as well as victims of retaliatory crimes by addressing the fear that underlies that hatred.

“9/12’s Promise Still Glows in Younger Generation” Hartford Courant (9/12/10)
Fortunately, we have as a resource an entire generation whose childhoods were bisected by 9/11. Starting 9/12/2001, they attended the conferences, the sensitivity training, and wrote the earnest essays about loving their neighbors. We’ve trained them to co-exist. Why not listen to them?

“Yale Muslim Awareness” NBC Connecticut (9/10/10)
Yale students create organization to raise Muslim awareness. The Common Ground Campaign was formed by Valarie Kaur after several anti-Muslim incidents.

“As in the 60’s, Hatred born of ignorance, fear” The Tennessean (9/9/10)
It seems like the more steps we take for‘_ward in Amer‘_ica, the more steps we take back‘_ward. But thank God not all of us want to go back to the days of old.

“Yale Group Combats Anti-Muslim Sentiment” Yale Daily News (9/7/10)
The pair now coordinates Common Ground, a nationwide campaign to combat and raise awareness of religious intolerance. The group joins other Yale organizations, including Jews and Muslims at Yale, the Muslim Student Association, and J Street U (a national organization for Middle East peace), that have independently planned responses to a recent perceived spike in intolerance toward Muslims.