A priest, a rabbi, an imam, and a unicorn got on an Ark to save our planet

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Four months ago, I was in a multifaith brainstorm for the People's Climate March when someone said, "What if we had a giant ark?" I think we all had the same reaction: Great ... but how do you build an ark?

Fast forward dozens of phone calls, emails, donations, stickers, markers, posters, animal crackers, and unicorn horns later: The Ark didn't just happen, it led the multifaith section of the Climate March. And it sent a message we all need to hear to save our planet – We are all in the same boat.

Check out the story in photos.

From humble beginnings …

The ark was finally born with the help of multifaith partners and grassroots donors.

On Sunday, September 21st, the ark was ready.

And some of the greatest leaders in the multifaith movement for justice were on board!

Posing with unicorns –

They brought their families –

And gave Shofar 101 lessons –

The ark was parked across from the awesome Inflatable Mosque

Where our fellow Muslim at the March held a beautiful worship.

Did we mention the unicorns?

And butterflies

And chickens too!