After studying the Holocaust and Jim Crow, these 5th graders hand-made anti-hate posters for Muslims in NYC

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I'm at the United Nations International School in New York, about to talk to the 5th graders about Islamophobia. One of the teachers asks, "What is prejudice?" and hands fly into the air. "When you think something about someone without evidence." It made it a lot easier to explain my slide with Donald Trump saying “I think Islam hates us" that morning. (Here's a copy of my presentation if you're curious.)

The kids, who were learning about the Holocaust and the American Civil Rights Movement, understood that the same thing happening then was happening now – hatred, prejudice, and discrimination. With markers and paper and hearts full of compassion, they made inspiring anti-hate posters for Muslim organizations, community centers, and mosques around the city. Here they are – scroll and share.