Urgent: Help fight child sex trafficking in NY

  |June 12, 2013

This is big.

Right now, our legislators in New York are debating a bill that can help fight sex trafficking in New York. A groundswell of people of faith calling for our leaders to do the right thing can swing the tide before the end of the week.

Please join my petition calling on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to support the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act. As head of the State Assembly, it’s Sheldon Silver who has the most control over whether the Act gets brought to the Assembly floor for debate and voting. Our friends at the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition will deliver the petition Friday morning in Albany in a meeting with legislators.

Click here to take action to protect our children.

After you take action, please forward this to everyone you know  we have just a few hours to make a difference.

Power to you and to us together,

Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson
Auburn Seminary