Who We Are


Groundswell is a growing online community of more than 200,000 people who believe faith can be a force for good in the world. Faith-rooted leaders, organizers, and others motivated by faith and moral commitment come to Groundswell to be inspired to take faithful action, to learn how to organize in a digital age, and to use cutting-edge tools to support their work healing and repairing the world.

Groundswell is proudly powered by Auburn Seminary. Created in the spirit of Auburn’s mission to “trouble the waters and heal the world,” Groundswell is Auburn’s platform that equips leaders in multifaith movements for justice with the digital communications tools, training, and resources they need to catalyze change.

Our Vision

We envision multifaith movements for justice that are so irresistibly inspiring, powerfully organized, sustained, and deeply rooted in our faiths that we spark wide-reaching change. We see our unique call to echo and amplify these movements and their faith-rooted leaders with strategic advice, digital tools, and training.

When we say MULTIFAITH, we mean people motivated by faith, spirituality or moral commitment to stand up, speak out, work together, and take action.

When we say MOVEMENTS, we mean a wide variety of organizations, leaders, donors, activists, people, and connective tissue who, motivated by faith and moral commitment, are working to heal and repair the world.

When we say for JUSTICE, we mean that we are advocating for a world that is free, strong, compassionate, and prosperous—and animated by a commitment to values of Human Dignity, Vulnerability, Right Relationship, Sacred Safety, Compassion, Pluralism, Hospitality, Embodiment.

Photos from our work

Multifaith #blacklivesmatter Action

#GodCantBreathe NYC Action

We Support the Nuns Stickers

Our Team

  • Dan Greenman

    Dan Greenman

  • Macky Alston

    Macky Alston

  • John Vaughn

    John Vaughn

  • Valarie Kaur

    Valarie Kaur


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Some of the organizations we collaborate with:

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