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To: The US State Department

American Faith Based Organizations Stand Against the Export of Hateful Anti-LGBTI Rhetoric

American Faith Based Organizations Stand Against the Export of Hateful Anti-LGBTI Rhetoric

We, American faith leaders and faith-based organizations, guided by our beliefs in the divine and our traditions of social justice, stand shoulder to shoulder with the LGBTI community around the world. Our various religious traditions are rooted in a belief in the inherent dignity of all people, and the conviction that human beings—lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and otherwise—are created in the image of the divine and entitled to have their basic rights respected.

Why is this important?

We decry the continued violence against and persecution of people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities/expression, and sex characteristics. We are heartened by LGBTI activists and their allies across the world who are organizing, mobilizing, and advocating against hatred and violence, and we rejoice in the steady steps that they are making toward equality and justice.

As allies of the global movement for LGBTI equality, we forcefully denounce the phenomenon of American extremist religious leaders traveling to countries far beyond America’s shores to spread venomous, often violent, rhetoric targeted at the LGBTI community. According to a 2015 Report by the Human Rights Campaign, such leaders have traveled to Uganda, Russia, Argentina, Kenya and many more countries far beyond their own communities, exporting a message of intolerance that encourages and perpetuates violence towards LGBTI communities.

They posit LGBTI people as enemies of faith traditions: One Pastor venomously stated that “there is a war going on in the world… and it’s a war between Christians and Homosexuals.” Others have gone so far as to claim that LGBTI people are luring away children, spreading HIV/AIDS, destroying families, and are responsible for mass atrocities such as the Rwandan Genocide and the Holocaust. This rhetoric is far more than bigoted words. In some countries, these extremists have provided fodder and support for domestic legislation that would criminalize homosexuality—in some cases, going so far as to advocate for the death penalty as punishment.

To us, this use of faith and religious teachings to provoke and bolster violence and hatred represents a perversion of our traditions at their deepest levels. As faith leaders and heads of religious organizations, we envision a world in which people can live free of violence, regardless of who they are, whom they love, how they present, or what are the characteristics of their body.

We advocate for an end to the criminalization and penalization of same-sex conduct.

We advocate for state protection for LGBTI people against violence.

We support the adoption of full non-discrimination laws and policies that protect LGBTI people from harassment in employment, health care, education, social welfare programs, and the provision of services.

We decry the export of hatred from religious U.S. extremists as it is a direct affront to our vision of global equality and beliefs in justice for all people.

Together in solidarity with our LGBTI partners abroad, we will work to build a world that upholds the principles of social justice that are the backbone of our scriptures, traditions, and faiths.



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